Right Hand Side - RHS

Right Hand Side - RHS
The ask or offer price of a foreign exchange rate. A quote for foreign exchange appears as two prices (known as the bid/ask spread); for example, 1.2591 - 1.3592. The right hand side, in this case 1.3592, represents the available offer price for the base currency or the bid rate for the quoted currency.

The right hand side (RHS) is, literally, the right-hand side of the foreign exchange price quote. This is the price that the market is willing to sell a currency pair and the price that traders buy in. The size of the bid/ask spread is an indicator of the current liquidity in a market. A tight spread means there is good liquidity and helps cut down on losses. Forex brokers typically make money off of the bid/ask spread; the difference between the bid and the ask price is the profit on the transaction.

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